Glow in the dark party
Glow in the dark party

Glow in the dark party

  • 3-hour use of the birthday room and access to the Adventureland
  • A fun thematically decorated Glow in the dark-style birthday room
  • Specially designed birthday invitations (e-invites as well as paper ones)
  • Delicious party snacks and beverages

Additional services that you can order with this package: There is possible to order with extra fee a face painter who will make guests glow in the dark. Face painting is interesting and allow children to role play, become anyone from their favourite animal to their favourite character, the possibilities are endless! A painter can draw 10 to 15 smaller and 5 to 7 bigger paintings in one hour. UV paintings are very effective and glow in Muuuv blacklight during the evening. Their colours are bright (neon) and glow brightly in the UV light. They are great for disco parties. On the spot, you can buy luminous products in the dark to make the children even more visible. Ask the guests to put white clothes on, because every third hour at the birthday there will be a colorful color show and the evening light is switched on at Muuuv!
Birthday party for 20 children Mo-Th €335 / Fr-Su €385
Birthday party for 15 children Mo-Th €295 / Fr-Su €345
On public holidays, applies Fr-Su price!

If you want to order a cake with your own picture, 6 eur will be added.

Snacks for children:
French fries with crispy chicken
Potato salad
Snack tray
Wiener pies
Potato chips
Vegetable platter
Fruits in a waffle cone
Ice cream cocktails
Snacks for parents:
Tapas platter
For a drink:
Flavored water
For an additional fee, you can also order a cake (choice: curd-raspberry cake; chocolate cake). Price €39 (1.7Kg)

Please note that during the event, the parent is responsible for the safety and supervision of children and for the maintenance of the room throughout the event.
Additional information: Bookings can be canceled up to 72h in advance. In case of later cancellations, it is obligatory to pay for food in the package.

Your own food and drink is prohibited in Muuuv! Exceptions (allergens, special events, etc.) must be coordinated by email at least 48 hours before the start of the event. If you consume your own food and drink at the service point without coordination, an additional charge of €150 applies