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Room decorations

Room decorations

Decorating with helium balloons
Balloons make the evening colourful and fun. They can be used to decorate the table, you can give them to a friend or just play with them. We have balloons in different colours that don't have pictures on them, minimum amount is 10 balloons. If you wish to have shaped balloons, please let us know and we will make you an offer.

Helium balloon 3 € / pc

Thematically decorated birthday room
If you order a decorated birthday house and a birthday table, we will create a birthday atmosphere according to your choice and the result will be more interesting than just using the usual tableware and tablecloth that have pictures on them. We prepare food labels that fit the theme, decorations for food, fun tissue holders and a birthday boy/girl's name tag. We use balloons and other festive elements to decorate your party. Examples of theme parties are princesses, pirates, balloon party, Zombie themed party, Pink Dream aka girls room, ladybird, little soldier's headquarters. Please tell us your child's favourite colour or your preferred party style well in advance to give us time to prepare. We will make an individual price offer for every single party based on the food and drinks requested.

Price is between 80 and 150 € depending on your wishes.


Extra services

Read about the services, and if you wish to book one, choose the one that you like while booking and MUUUV Adventureland will then get in touch with you to confirm and clarify the service requested. You are responsible for performers that are not booked through us. This means that the client cleans up after the performer and covers material damage if necessary.