Privacy policy

The privacy policy of Kuulsaal OÜ sets out principles based on which Kuulsaal OÜ processes its customers’ personal data. The privacy policy applies to all natural person customers and users that purchase goods, products, and services provided by Kuulsaal OÜ and visit the service points and web sites of Kuulsaal OÜ’s businesses. Kuulsaal OÜ uses personal data to ensure better services for you and to duly perform its obligations proceeding from law.

Kuulsaal OÜ

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Contact details for controllers of the personal data of Kuulsaal OÜ’s customers are as follows:
Should you have any questions as pertaining to processing of personal data by relevant businesses, kindly contact us by using above contact details.

Scope of the privacy policy

The privacy policy applies to all-natural person customers and users that purchase goods, products, and services provided by Kuulsaal OÜ and visit the stores and web sites of Kuulsaal OÜ’s businesses.
In addition to the privacy policy, special terms and conditions apply to processing of personal data within the framework of the Partnership Program. To review terms and conditions of processing of personal data within the framework of the Partnership Program click here (available in Estonian and Russian).

What type of personal data do our businesses collect?

For the purpose of best service provision, Kuulsaal OÜ may, to the extent necessary to provide services, collect personal data that includes foremost but not only your name, e-mail address, telephone number, preferred language, preferences related to direct marketing, and technical information sent by digital devices (e.g. cookies and other similar technologies). For the purpose of best customer service, Kuulsaal OÜ may to a reasonable extent also process necessary other personal data in adherence to the objectives, volumes, and manner of which you have been given prior notice.
Kuulsaal OÜ has the right to refuse to transfer goods or render services if relevant services cannot be rendered without processing personal data.

How do our businesses collect personal data?

Kuulsaal OÜ’s businesses collect your personal data, subject to your consent, at the commencement and during the course of a customer relationship upon purchase and use by you of products and services provided by our businesses. Our businesses only collect your personal data if you send such data voluntarily.

For what purposes do our businesses process personal data?

Our businesses process personal data for the following purposes:

How do our businesses protect your personal data?

In collecting, storing, and processing your personal data, our businesses use up-to-date and sufficient as well as technical and organizational security measures that prevent unauthorized access to, changing, disclosure, or destruction of personal data stored in a business’ customer databases or web pages. Only duly authorized persons have access to changing and processing of personal data.

Forwarding your personal data

In processing your personal data, our businesses may use third party service providers that provide services required by Kuulsaal OÜ (such as software development, forwarding of direct marketing, provision of payment and postal services). With all third party service providers to whom a business forwards personal data, agreements have been concluded on personal data protection and on keeping forwarded information confidential. In addition to the foregoing, our businesses have the right to forward personal data to supervision, investigative, and law enforcement authorities in cases provided for by legislation.

Term of processing personal data

Kuulsaal OÜ may process your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose of performing the customer relationship between you and a relevant business or another equivalent relationship until you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data or, for tax related or legal purposes, until the arrival of deadlines proceeding from law.

Direct marketing and satisfaction surveys

Subject to your consent, our businesses may use personal data forwarded by you to send you information on discounts, campaigns, and offers and to carry out satisfaction surveys. If you no longer wish to receive direct offers, you at any time have the right to withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data by following instructions included in direct mailing or by contacting the business, the direct offers of which you wish to waive.

Using cookies

Our businesses’ web pages use cookies. A cookie is a tiny text file that web browsers automatically save to the device used by the relevant user. With the objective of providing a better user experience, cookies are used to collect information on how a user uses a web page.
Web pages use the following cookies: Users can delete and/or block cookies saved on their device, adjusting relevant web browser settings. If cookies are not used, the website may not function as intended and/or some of the functionalities may become unavailable to the user.
In addition to analytical cookies, websites use pixels (pixel tags, web beacons) which enable use of the website to be monitored. In doing so, data enabling identification of an individual is not processed.

Processing of non-personal data

When you visit our businesses’ websites, we may collect from you non-personal data such as the date and time of visiting the website, information downloaded from the website, information concerning the name and operational system of the browser, provider of your Internet service, and other similar information. We process said data anonymously and such data is used to improve the website’s functionality.

Video recordings

Kuulsaal OÜ service points and sales venues use video surveillance for the purpose of protecting individuals and property. The controller of the video recordings created as a result of such video surveillance and of personal data processed as part of the video recordings is the owner of relevant surveillance cameras.
All such video recordings are available only to persons that have the right to view the video recordings as proceeding from their duties.
Video recordings are as a rule retained for up to 31 calendar days, except if a longer retention period is required for the purposes of ongoing supervision proceedings related to protection of persons and property.

Forwarding of personal data to countries outside of the European Union or European Economic Area

Our businesses may forward personal data to third countries (countries not part of the European Union or European Economic Area) only if there are lawful grounds therefor. In processing personal data, the group’s businesses may use international service providers or cooperation partners and in such an event the business ensures presence of lawful grounds for processing of personal data and protection of relevant data in adherence to applicable legislation.


Kuulsaal OÜ may use your personal data and statistical data related to your purchases to execute profile analysis so as to better understand your expectations and, as a result, offer you better goods and services. Our businesses do not make decisions of any legal effect based on profiling results.  

Your rights related to processing of your personal data

You have the right at any time to request access to your personal data from the business to which you forwarded your personal data and request rectification, transfer, and erasure of your personal data.
Kindly submit any requests related to processing of personal data electronically to Kuulsaal OÜ’s Data Protection Specialist by e-mailing To ensure that your personal data is processed securely, your request should be signed digitally.
Our businesses have the right to not satisfy your request if your identity cannot be established or if relevant personal data cannot be forwarded securely. Our businesses have the right to refuse your request to have your personal data erased if the obligation to process personal data derives from a valid contract/agreement or from law or is required for the purposes of preparing, submitting, or defending legal claims related to protection of persons and property.

Amending the privacy policy

Our businesses have at any time the right to amend and supplement their Privacy Policy. Our valid Privacy Policy is always available for review on our businesses’ web pages.

Submitting complaints

If you believe that a business is violating your rights by processing your personal data, you have at any time the right to contact the relevant business, using the contact details provided above, the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (, or a court of law.