Balloon master

Balloon master

All children get exited by balloon animals. All kinds of characters and animals come to life in front of their eyes. In one hour the balloon master is able to make animals using 70 to 80 balloons. Everyone will get a balloon animal, sword, flower or some other interesting character that they can take home with them. Let your fantasy run wild and challenge the balloon master!

Bubble master

- Bubble show lasts for 30 minutes
- You can invite a bubble master to your Estonian-speaking, Russian-speaking or English-speaking birthday
- Soap bubble tricks are performed (different sized bubbles, bubble tubes, bubble dragons and bubble aquariums) and with the "Person in the Bubble" trick every child, with a little help of magic, will get to be inside of a bubble.
After the performance, everyone who wishes can try to blow big bubbles themselves.
Find out more about bubble and science shows on their website

Price of balloon master 65 € / 1 h
Price of bubble master 80 € / 30 min
Bubble master's show 30 min + 30 min price of creating balloon animals 150 € / 1 h

The masters can come to Estonian-speaking and Russian-speaking birthdays!


Extra services

Read about the services, and if you wish to book one, choose the one that you like while booking and MUUUV Adventureland will then get in touch with you to confirm and clarify the service requested. You are responsible for performers that are not booked through us. This means that the client cleans up after the performer and covers material damage if necessary.

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