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NEW Wonderland party in Muuuv!

Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and falls into a peculiar world, the Wonderland, where she meets many new friends, among others the Cheshire Cat, the Duchess, the Dormouse, the Hatter, and, of course, the March Hare.
Alice in Wonderland birthday party includes 3 hours of magic, beginning with entering a dream and ending with returning to reality.
The evening brings along meetings with the most unusual characters and events. The party room has been decorated as the Queen of Hearts’ palace, and in the Rabbit’s Hole, the guests can write their good wishes and memories in the party album.
In the Cheshire Cat’s photo studio, everybody is welcome to use exciting accessories when having a fun having their picture taken.
In addition to the party, the package includes not only access to the Adventureland but also a thematically decorated birthday room; delicious food and Wonderland beverages ensure that all the guests not only feel the magic but also taste it.

Alice in Wonderland party package includes:
3-hour rent of the birthday room and access to Adventureland
Birthday room thematically decorated as Alice’s Wonderland 
Tea Party and magical details
Specially designed birthday invitations
A little gift for the birthday girl/boy from Muuuv Adventureland
Delicious food on the birthday table

Book a magical birthday party in Muuuv Adventureland by writing to or calling 605 1100

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